Thursday, May 7, 2009

That's My Girl

This was the scene in my makeup box this morning--a poem on a scrap of paper, written in red ink by my girl.
Sigh. She'll be ten on Saturday, and I'm not usually the type to get misty-eyed over the passage of mommy time. I regard her steady growth as a triumph for both of us, and I have--sin of sins--even been known to look forward to the days when her father and I will be a duo of sorts again and she will be a woman, all this kinetic energy finally springing toward some adult purpose. I look forward to seeing her fall in love, find work, continue to stumble and grow, as I have. I know this child is a child of the world, and I have no real qualms with the notion that she will, swiftly and surely, give me up--at least to a large extent--for this wider, wilder love. And yet, and yet...

Let me only say that these ten years have stretched me, stunned me, made me a bigger, braver bird, one wing over my nestling and one itching to fly. Let me only say that I think we will, I hope we will, fly together someday. Happy Birthday, my monkey, my darling, my girl.


Elissa said...

i LOVE this post. LOVE it. you and i really are two peas in a pod, i think. as much as i love them at each stage, i also probably look forward more than i mourn what is lost. still,


but if ten brings more of what you have shared with us (that poem, that PAINTING) and more of all that you haven't shared, well i say bring it on!

Happiest of Birthdays Annabelle! you're going to ROCK being 10 ;-)

skymring said...

so beautifully written..