Saturday, October 10, 2009

Slightly Fewer Than a Thousand Words (The Messy Desk)

This picture, of the messiness of my studio desk at the start of a new project, tells lots of little stories. First, it signifies that I'm in the beginning stages of a "secret garden" type portrait on linen canvas for an Australian girl name Jani. (Since Meg shared the portrait I made of future-Finn in the forest, I've had lots of requests for similar pieces, children in favorite or fantasy landscapes, and I have to say, I love making them).
Here's a short list of what else this photo is saying:

1. There's jasmine tea in the Campbell's soup cup. Right now, this stuff's like smack to me, delicious, air-freshener-smelling, reminds-me-of-eating-sushi smack.
2. I discovered a new-to-me source of 100% wool felt. I don't ever really "trust" a felt source until I get scads of their product in the mail, and I've had some duds--getting a box in the mail full of stuff with the texture of scouring pads makes me want to cry, folks. It's pitiful. But thanks to a couple of craft books I've read recently, I decided to take the plunge and try A Child's Dream True. I was really hopeful because you can pay with PayPal (which you can't do at Magic Cabin, my usual happy place for delicious 100% wool), and you can buy yardage. Well, it's THE GOOD STUFF! Hooray! You can see the greens (for the garden) billowing all over my desk and glimpse their promo postcard, too.
3. The Gingher tin in the corner tells you that I lost my beloved embroidery scissors and had to buy a new pair. I can't quite quash the sneaking-but-totally-insane suspicion that somebody stole them. They're that good.
4. I recently allowed my family to talk me into putting the desktop computer in my studio. While I do like being able to edit photos and do shop stuff on a bigger, brighter monitor, I'm feeling a little crowded, my dears. What should I do?
5. It's time to clean my desk.


Asiyah said...

How cool! I (almost) forgot how much I liked Future Finn in the Forest. Pretty neat stuff.

Thanks for sharing the new links. I've ordered from Wool Felt Central in the past but can't wait to check out other vendors.

Melissa Crowe said...

Wool Felt Central is a great source for wool blends, but I don't think they have 100% felt.

Cassie@You Go Girl said...

I can so see why you have orders for the beauty that is Finn's. Went to take a peek. LOVE IT!

Alice said...

Oh I love seeing people's workspaces - you get a real feel for people's lives. Also quite relieved to see that others are messyish while they work too!! I cannot do a thing without creating a muddled nest of bits and pieces around me.

Ashley said...

I like to see that other people on occasion have a messy work area, it makes me feel a little better about myself.

Ale said...

I add you in my blog. You have a great talent!!! You´re inspired me!!


NanaBeast said...

I didn't know wool felt could be soft! I have only bought my felt from Joann Fabrics and online from Heather Bailey (colors are great), all scratchy. I am now dying to feel soft wool felt. Thanks for the links and the fact that soft wool felt exists!

Melissa Crowe said...

Oh, it can definitely be softer than the stuff at Joann--I don't know about Heather Bailey. If you send your home address to the email on the side bar, I'll send you a snippet so you can feel it before you order if you want!