Thursday, December 15, 2011

Easy Little Ornament

I was hoping I'd have a leisurely afternoon before the middle of December to make a full-fledged tutorial, with step-by-step photos, for this little Scandinavian-inspired tiny-hoop ornament, but that, alas, was not to be. Since no one will have time to make one before Christmas if I don't post about it, well, immediately, I thought I'd just share the photo and a little note about how it's done.


3-inch wooden embroidery hoop
scrap of fabric (I've used turquoise/teal) about 4" square
felt scraps in various colors (I've used white, pale green, and red)
red embroidery floss
length of ribbon about 8" long (I've used red velveteen)
embroidery needle
scrap of brown paper (I've used a bit from a grocery bag)


1. Secure the fabric tightly in the hoop.
2. Cut your felt pieces--in this case, I've cut two curved white pieces (though straight strips will work, too), six small, green teardrops, and four small red circles (which a hole punch can cut if you want to go that way).
3. Position and secure the white strips to the fabric using four strands of embroidery thread and a small, neat running stitch. Position and secure the green teardrops as shown with a couple of back stitches. Position and secure the red circles as shown using two small crossed stitches.
4. Run a bead of craft glue around the hoop edge at the back and fold the fabric over onto the glue, running your thumbs around the glued fabric until it adheres. Allow to dry.
5. Cut away excess fabric from the middle back of the hoop, so you get a neat edge.
6. Using this hoop or another three-inch hoop, trace a circle onto brown paper, and cut the circle a bit smaller than the template indicates. Run a bead of glue around the edge of the back of your hoop, right on top of the glued-down fabric, and secure the brown paper circle to the back of the hoop. (This will hide the stitchy backside.) Allow to dry.
7. Attach your ribbon through the metal closure at the top of the hoop and tie a knot a few inches up, so you can hang the ornament.


I think one of these would be lovely added to a special package--or you can just keep yours for yourself, as I intend to do. :-)


Lauren said...

Oooh, I love this! This would be a perfect craft for a group of home schoolers that I work with -- thank you for the inspiration!

Dotty said...

Very sweet- thank you for sharing

Melissa Crowe said...

Thanks, ladies--I wish I'd had time (and light--it looked like dusk all day today b/c of rain) for more photos, but I'm glad this inspires nonetheless.

And Lauren--if you do the project with children, I'd love to see photos!

Liou said...

interesante, buena idea

Audra said...

This is so sweet! I had no idea embroidery hoops were available in this size. Almost like they were made for crafty dolls.

Dana (*danavee*) said...

This is adorable!

Helby said...

Very cute!
I've done some similar with felt and fleece:

Crazy Woman said...

How cute! Makes me picture a tree with a bunch of cute little themed ornaments made this way. Thanks for sharing :)

Carrie at Rhubarbsky said...

"Stitchy Backside". . .ha! Such a sweet ornament. I love the color combo here. :)

Melissa Crowe said...

I thought somebody might appreciate that phrase, Carrie. ;-)

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Doro von Hand zu Hand said...

a really lovely ornament!
i have never seen such tiny embroidery hoops. but i totally liek to have one.

I linked to your tutorial on my blog - thanks for sharing!

doro K.

Melissa Crowe said...

You're welcome, Doro! If they don't have tiny hoops where you are, I'd be happy to send you one...