Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sick Days and Holidays

 It's been all about the fall/winter cold here for the past couple of weeks. Picture me grading papers in bed, surrounded by tissues and lozenge wrappers. By Thursday, I was upright enough to cook the vegan feast and do a bit of sewing, but by that night, poor Miss A. was down--and she's still down, though gosh-darnit, she's not staying down easy. Today I fought with her for twenty minutes to put on clean pajamas instead of jeans and t-shirt after her shower. She's says I'm "punishing her for being sick." Oh, thirteen. You are a head-strong handful some days. But she's funny with a fever--yesterday she told me that after a fitful night's sleep, she woke up thinking she was a candy cane. Huh?
While everyone else in the house naps this afternoon, I'm in the studio, acting elfish, making lists of things to make. . . are you sewing/crocheting/beading/gluing/drawing holiday gifts? Aside from the music and food and lights and movies and general good cheer, the making's the best, right?


Miss Holly said...

Oh one has to beg me to keep Jammie's on!!
I love your new pieces!!! They are wonderful!! I especially love the second one....
I have a million things on my list! New chair cover....working on my knitting Christmas dress!! Still have some fall/ winter yard work....lots and lots!!!

Melissa Crowe said...

I know, right? I said, "THIS is a punishment? I wish it were my JOB!" ;-)

Thanks for your kind words, and good luck with all your projects!